Cathedral & Cathedral Grounds Opening Hours

April to September;
9.30am to 6.30pm
October to March;
9.30am to 4.00pm

Visiting Dunkeld Cathedral is a must when visiting Perthshire.
Every year thousands of visitors enjoy the picturesque setting of the Cathedral and take in its religious history.

Visitor Amenities
Nestled in the heart of Dunkeld, the Cathedral enjoys a perfect location for people of all ages and mobility. Shops, cafes, accommodation, the train station, bus stops and car parks are all nearby, and the area is ideal for exploring on foot as well as by car or for those less mobile. Local information can be found online at Dunkeld and Birnam Tourist Information and The Hipshire Partnership.

Chapter House Museum and Archive Room

The Museum in the Chapter House is open whenever the Cathedral is open although entrance is restricted during services of worship.

The Archive Room at the Cross, Dunkeld, is open from 10am to Noon on Mondays and Fridays all year and, additionally, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from June to September.

The Cathedral Chapter House was built in 1457, and served as a sacristy and meeting place for 100 years.  After the Reformation, when the Dukes of Atholl became responsible for the upkeep of the church they used the Chapter House as their Mausoleum and it still contains some magnificent monuments and memorials.  The Atholl coat of arms is mounted above the entrance door and former members of the family lie buried in an under floor vault.

The present museum, which was refurbished by the Friends of Dunkeld Cathedral in 1994, is a permanent local history exhibition telling the history of the town and the redevelopment of the reformed church. Mention is made of the connection with the Atholl Family and also notable local people; Niel Gow, the fiddler, Sir Donald Currie the benefactor and Beatrice Potter, the children’s author who spent summer holidays in Dunkeld and wrote the Story of Peter Rabbit there.

The Archive Room Entrance at The Cross

The Archive Room

The Archive Room
The Archive Room, which opened above the Cathedral Chapter House in 1995, is now situated at 12 The Cross (next door to the Duchess Anne) and contains  a fast growing collection of photographs, records and memorabilia relating to the Cathedral and community of Dunkeld and Birnam, including census records and tombstone inscription of the graveyards in the parish. The regimental records The Scottish Horse are also held there.

Charges and Donations for Research.
The Museum and Archives are run by a small group of volunteers. We receive some grant funding for major items, but the major part of our expenditure must be covered by donations and charges for research work.

Short research work; please give a donation at your discretion, £5.

Detailed research work taking of more than one hour £20 per hour.

In addition we charge for expenses such as photocopying of pictures £2.50 including postage, copies of documents 50p per sheet plus any postage.

All charges and donations go towards the cost of running the Archive.

Online resources can be found at Perth & Kinross Archives, Tay Valley Family History Society, North Perthshire History Group.

The Friends of the Cathedral
voluntarily conduct guided tours of the 14C cathedral and museum throughout the year for visitors, community organisations and educational groups. The tour covers the history of the cathedral, its architectural details, its place in the community and some of the interesting monuments.

A guide is also present in the cathedral every weekday through June, July, August and September between 10.30am-12.30pm to welcome people, answer questions and show them around if required.

An information leaflet is available free of charge in many languages including: Czech, Dutch, French, Gaelic, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

It is advisable to book a guided tour which takes approximately an hour. This can be done by contacting:

Mrs Joan Brookes
Telephone 01350 727 786
or Email  

The Guides particularly welcome young people and a set of Treasure Hunt sheets are available to take the children round the cathedral. They are designed for all abilities and can support different units of schoolwork.

No fee is ever charged for taking visitors round the cathedral but many tour groups and visitors give a voluntary donation and this goes towards the work of the Friends of the Cathedral.

Access to the whole of the Cathedral is available for the less mobile and disabled.

Both Dunkeld Cathedral and Little Dunkeld have Hearing Loop systems installed.


Who needs friends?

A Cathedral needs friends. The Society of Friends of Dunkeld Cathedral was founded to stimulate interest in the Cathedral as a part of the history of Scotland.

Who are the friends?

The people who care about the history, the place and the community in the 21st Century. We live in different times from when our great establishments benefited from the protection and support of individuals or families. Now, however, the warmth of support is more likely to come from groups of like-minded people with shared interests, whether these be history (secular or religious), education, architecture or landscape. All these elements are here in Dunkeld and the objectives of the Society of Friends include “the preservation of the fittings and furnishing of the Choir and stimulation of interest in the Cathedral”.

For information on what the Friends do, and how to become a member.

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